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Equine Law 101

During the 2012 Winter Equestrian Festival, Krysia Nelson taught a 10-week course titled "Equine Law 101 - Business Essentials For Horsemen." 

This course focused on the “business” of horses and introduced business law concepts relevant to those engaged in either professional or recreational equestrian activities.


Course description/summary:  An introductory, college level, business law course focusing on essential horse industry topics, such as contracts, sales, business organization, insurance, regulatory bodies, liability, employment and immigration law.  By focusing on case studies, as well as recent cases, the class will prepare its members to respond competently in a variety of business situations.

Curriculum details:

Class 1  – Introduction to the court system, basic legal concepts and terminology, animals as property

Class 2 – Injury to animals: breach of bailment, measure of damages, veterinary malpractice; Livery liens; Horses as “gifts”

Class 3 – Liability: liability for injuries caused by horses, strict liability and negligence, equine activity liability acts, releases of liability and related contracts

Class 4 – Industry regulation and administrative law

Class 5  – Horse Sales and Leases: use of contracts and laws governing

Class 6 – Insurance: types of insurance, insuring against risks of loss and liability

Class 7 – Business formation: choice of entity and useful contracts

Class 8 – Agency and Employment law and immigration issues

Class 9 – Taxation; Criminal Law; Wills & Trusts

Class 10 – Student choice topic(s)


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